Boat Party

 All packages include a completely private,  one-hour boat cruise with the following extras.

Open bar the entire cruise (beer, vodka, rum, gin, whiskey and non-alcoholic beverages).

Choice of entertainment between fire breathing show, magician(most popular) or stripper to come on board 

The care of our professional party guides who will take care of you throughout the night.

After party in two of Krakow's best clubs with free VIP entry without additional waiting, welcome shot for each guest and group table booking.

All packages can be mixed and matched to suit your needs and budget.



Pizza for all participants on board the boat.

Shooting packages

All our shooting packages include pick/drop off from your accommodation. Full safety training from a licenced instructor, gun, bullets, targets and all safety equipment to ensure you get the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Band of brothers

15 Bullets | 149zl/€35

Shoot some of the most

notorius guns in history,

weapons including :


5 x Berreta | 5 x Glock | 5 x Uzi 


25 Bullets | 199zl/€47

Take it one step further, join the battle and show off your skills, weapons including: 

10 x Uzi | 10 x Glock 5 x AK47. 

Ranger: Advanced Weapons

50 Bullets | 299zl/€70

For those not afraid of some real heavy-duty firepower,

weapons including : 


15 x Uzi | 15 x AK47 | 10 x Glock

    5 x Magnum | 5 x Shotgun.

U. S. Army Weapons

40 Bullets | 379zl/€88

Test your skills and see why the US army reign supreme in firepower, weapons including : 

10 x M16 | 10 x Beretta M9 | 5 x Colt

 5 x Sniper Rifle |10 x M4( with aim)

Red Army Weapons

40 Bullets | 379zl/€47

Go behind the red curtain and shoot the same guns the infamous red army, weapons including :


15 x PPSh-41 | 15 x AK 47

5 x Mosin | 5x TT Tokariew Pistol

Commando: Advanced Weapons

75 Bullets | 399zl/€94

Fire some of the most advanced weapons on offer, weapons including :

15 x Uzi | 15 x AK47 | 15 x Glock | 5 x Magnum | 5 x shotgun | 10 x M16 A1 

 10 x Beretta

Veteran: Variety of Weapons

100 Bullets | 499zl/€118

For those wanting to experience everything on offer, weapons including : 


20 x Uzi | 15 x AK47 | 15 x Glock

5 x Magnum | 5 x shotgun

 10 x M4 |10 x Beretta M9

15 x Scorpion Evo 3 | 5 x Walther PPK

about us

Krakow Boat & Stag Partys is run by three friends from Australia, who love a good time nearly as much as a cold beer, We want to make sure your weekend in Krakow is one that you will never forget...well maybe some of it you might want to forget ;).

Boat Address - Smocza 4, 31-069 Kraków

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