We all love to party but sometimes it can be a bit scary going out in a new city. So we have put together this nightlife guide so you can have the craziest, drunkest and safest night possible in this magical city we all love.


Although Poland is in the EU they still use their own currency which is the Zloty. The conversion rate is 4zl to 1 Euro. Be careful when changing over money as most places in the old town have very bad rates.


Tipping is not mandatory in Krakow but for dinner, its polite to normally leave about 12%. At a bar, you normally leave about 1zl per drink and more if its busy and you want to be served quickly.


Most bars and clubs are located the Old Town or the district of Kazimierz which are a 10 min walk from each other and all bars are walking distance from one and other.


If you are too drunk to get home then it is best to call a taxi or order an Uber. If you just hop into one on the street they will charge you extra and try to rip you off.


Drugs are very illegal in Krakow and you can get in a lot of trouble if you are caught with any. The quality is also known to be very poor. Your better off buying a few extra shots of vodka.


The City Police are always walking around at night if people need help but they are also sick and tired of dealing with drunk tourists. They lock up drunk misbehaving tourists for the night until they sober up then slap them with a 500zl(€120)  fine.


It is illegal to drink in public and if police catch you they will give you a nice big fine.


When ordering drinks at clubs you need to specify exactly what drink you want otherwise the bartender will charge you for the most expensive option. We recommend to always ask for the cheapest option.


Krakow is a student city with over 200,000 students here. Most locals and students are very polite and approachable and love talking to foreigners to find out where they are from and what they are doing here. 


The security guards at most bars and clubs are not very nice so don't look at them or say anything to them. If they ask you to leave you should do so promptly 


Hello -- Cześć

How are you --  Jak się masz

Two beers, please --  Dwa piwa proszę

No -- Nie

Yes -- Tak

Please -- Prosze 

Whats your phone number --  Jaki jest Twój numer telefonu

You are beautiful -- Jesteś piękna

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